About Us

About Us

Bukkha Hospitality Limited

The Bukka Hut journey started in July 2011. Incorporated as Bukkha Hospitality Limited, our first Outlet opened to diners on August 1, 2011, and since then, thirteen (13) more Outlets have been opened, with more in the pipeline.

Our restaurant offers a wide variety of meals that delivers an original taste of homemade meals while prioritizing health hygiene.  

The company also operates four (4) Lounges to complement the operations of the restaurant in those locations.

Bukka Hut is also renowned for its “Bukka Hut Suya spot” at the flagship outlet in Lekki and we are perfecting processes to replicate the experience in other outlets.  

BHL’s Core

Mission Statement

To create a platform that enables satisfaction and life-changing opportunities for everyone.


We are a proudly Nigerian brand that : 

  • impacts lives
  • transforms lives
  • is globally recognized for empowerment
  • empowers lives globally


I  -    Integrity
M -  Make a difference
P  -   People empowerment
A  - Assurance of quality products
C  - Customer satisfaction
T  -  Take ownership

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