BH Academy

Incorporated in November 2021, BH Academy is a full-service training school that delivers comprehensive training programs designed specifically to equip professionals with practicable skills and knowledge required to operate as top performers and business leaders.

We offer varieties of training programs and in addition to this, our facility is strategically positioned for corporate events and engagements such as:

  • Training

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Private workstations
  • Retreat, and so much more. 


    Bukka Hut Restaurant Building (2nd floor), Charlie Boy Bus Stop, Gbagada

    Sitting capacities (with social distance considerations):

    • 35/40 persons
    • 60 persons
    • 70 persons

    Our facility is positioned to offer you a wide range of benefits that will make your corporate events run smoothly and they are:

    • Discounted meals from Bukka Hut Restaurant
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Spacious Parking Space
    • Steady Electricity
    • Speaker and Microphone
    • Training and Meeting Amenities
    • In-person Support

    You can reach out to us via any of the methods below

                  Call 0700 055 0055; WhatsApp 0812 882 6279