Bukka Hut Presents:   Bukka Hut Customer Rewards


  • Every 100 Naira spent = 1  Bukka Hut coin which means 100,000 Naira spent = 1,000 Bukka Hut coins  
  • Bukka Hut coins can be redeemed in any of the Bukka Hut outlets for the purchase of our product.
  • Bukka Hut coins can last for 7 days expiry period after redemption.
  • Bukka Hut coins can be redeemed for the purchase of 1000 naira.


  • Eligible to all customers: walk-in and delivery that have their details on our database (Full name and Phone number)
  • Walk-in customers, delivery customers, and potential customers are eligible once a purchase is made.
  • Bukka hut coins could be redeemed for purchases from 1000 naira
  • For our customers that we have their data, Bukka Hut coins will be awarded depending on the purchase

Why Bukka Hut coins are Special 

  • What makes this special: 1% cashback on every purchase made in Bukka Hut.
  • Special guarantee: Transparency of Bukka hut coins to customers to view the progress of their coins on their receipts.
  • Unique features: The coins can be used to redeem and make purchases in Bukka Hut